Business Radios

Business communication is crucial for safety, control, and efficiency within your operations. Two Way Direct understands that two-way business radios need to get the job done at an affordable price. That's why we recommend the full-powered professional series XTR200U radios as a business communication solution.

The XTR200U comes with 5 full watts of power for maximum coverage, which is the highest power output currently available in a handheld radio. With the best conditions, you can get up to 1 mile of coverage for every 1-watt of power on your radio. That means that the XTR200U can provide you can up to 5 miles of coverage depending on your environment! If you are in a building, this powerful radio offers about 6 floors of coverage.

If you are trying to cover a larger area, coverage can always be enhanced by adding on an RD982 repeater. These repeaters tend to be useful if you are using company radios in a multi-storey building or a wide open field. Even though your XTR200U radios will reach a great distance, the RD982 repeater is going to enhance your network and provide stronger and clearer connections.

Don't forget about accessories! XTR200 earpieces or shoulder microphones are great additions to any team using two-way radios. These products will help reduce your long-term costs of repair due to employees dropping radios. The handhelds can stay on their belt, so the risk of dropping is greatly reduced. Not to mention, security earpieces makes communication more discrete.

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