FCC Licensing Process

Posted by Two Way Direct on 19th Jul 2023

  • FCC Licensing Process

    Everyone should acquire an FCC license for all business-grade devices to avoid interference with other radio frequency users. The obtaining of a license can be done at the discretion of the user, however, account managers are willing to assist with a quick and easy application process.

    No more lengthy paperwork! The total process alone could take up to 6 weeks to get frequencies - with TWD assistance could be as short as 1 week thanks to our business/professional connections. If someone is unsure about having an FRN number or application for a license, our Two Way Direct account managers can help look up any previous licenses/frequencies active.

Selling Points:

  • Offer Mobility Only & Repeater pair FCC license sales
  • Purchase up to 10 Frequencies with FCC License (10 channels) - Last 10 years
  • Easy & Efficient Application process with Account Manager assistance

Installation Nationwide!

Once the FCC license is sold (mobile only/with repeater) customers need to provide for frequencies:

  • Copy of client’s W9 (EIN number/Taxpayer ID number)
  • Basic Information [Controller Contact/Company info]
  • Physical Address (Longitude/Latitude/Elevation for exact pinpoint installation)
    • Antenna location
    • Repeater location
  • Any other information specified for customer/client needs

     Customers will receive mobiles/repeaters/radios ready and available in the mail once the process is completed.

FCC Licensing Through Two Way Direct

    Purchasing license through us relieves the hassle of any FCC related worries for up to 10 years. TWD team handles the paperwork, notifications, everything! If there is a change in the license, we reach out and notify immediately to keep you aware. 

    At Two Way Direct, we recommend everyone using business-grade professional two-way equipment should acquire an FCC license to keep their devices' signal free of interference caused by surrounding [active] radios in nearby areas, as well as providing clearance for legal usage of your two-way devices to avoid legal fines. Our team is happy to work with you on finding a system and obtaining a license that fits your needs for up to 10 years!

    Our team provides assistance in all aspects of obtaining/maintaining a license for up to 10 frequencies (channels) on your business-grade systems. Whether you are interested in covering a vast range with repeaters and radios, or simply adding a mobile pairing to your fleet - getting an FCC license seems like a hassle. Two Way Direct will always recommend going through this process because, without an FCC license, there is a risk of being fined up to $10,000/day from the FCC. We work with qualified coordinators who streamline this process taking what is usually a 6-week pro-longed process, and completing it in as short as 10 days (depending on certain factors) to ensure a quick and efficient setup process.

    Once granted, you can review your license at any time when logging on to the FCC website. Still, we can handle any and all tedious maintenance procedures - From filling out application paperwork, back-and-forth email notifications, any information changes to the license, programming your frequencies in your radios, and more! This means for the next 10 years, you do not have to worry about the activity of your license, legalities, or fines - you just worry about getting your business done until it’s time to renew your license!

    Everyone’s radio communication needs are different, so our team will be able to discuss any further assistance needed for industries such as police stations, fire stations, schools, or even construction which require a large range over long distances. Rest assured, our team will ensure we have everything you need to get your business-grade equipment working perfectly for you.


    If you have been interested in obtaining an FCC license and would like professional, expert assistance - we are happy to help. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you have prior so our team can help guide and provide you with the resources you need. Contact our team by filling out a Quote Request Form online, or call (888) 742-5893 for further information. Take advantage of our unparalleled industry expertise and start the process of obtaining your FCC license for your radios started today.


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