Hytera 2-Wire Earpiece Connectors

Posted by Two Way Direct on 6th Apr 2023

    The Hytera brand possesses some of the most rugged, versatile two way radio models on the market. Affordable, yet maintaining their high quality, these handhelds range from 4-5 watts and offer intrinsically safe options along with features such as Man Down, GPS and more!

    Because these radios are often utilized in more rugged or extreme environments, having a hands-free system is a necessity for the workers, who are required to be more hands-on. One example of an industry, which benefits from two way radio accessories, is Security. The need to quickly connect with other teammates in order to respond to or control a situation makes having accessories in addition to high quality radios vital.

    One of the most popular two way radio ‘extras’ is the 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece. This particular earpiece is a great option for those requiring more discrete communications. With a quick disconnect audio cord, these 2-wires can easily be shared among team members. Easy to clean and quick to transfer to others when needed, this is the ideal accessory for a round-the-clock type of communication system.

    Due to the amount of different radio models within this Hytera brand, however, checking the connector type is important in ensuring that you have purchased the proper 2-wire for your system.

Refer to the image below:

   After looking at this chart, you will have seen that Two Way Direct also offers our own brand of two way radio accessories. These 2-wire earpieces are compatible with the Hytera models listed and are comparable alternatives for the listed Hytera earpieces. 

   It is important to always have extra accessories in stock in the case of an emergency or simply if a part gets lost or broken on the job.


   For more information on which connector is best for your Hytera two way radio model, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.