Hytera PD6 and PD7 Series Discontinued

Posted by Two Way Direct on 11th Apr 2023

   The Hytera two way radio brand is known for its quality, durability as well as its affordability. These handhelds were designed for industries such as Public Safety, Transportation, Manufacturing, Security and more! The PD6 and PD7 series, however, have been discontinued and replaced by new models, which offer more for business-critical users.

   With the ability to maintain their quality and connectivity within rugged or extreme environments, the Hytera HP6 and HP7 models have replaced these PD6/PD7 radios.

   The Hytera HP682 and the Hytera HP602 are the replacements for the PD6 models. In addition to extended coverage and clearer audio, these handhelds offer up to 5 watts of power along with enhanced ruggedness and battery life.

   The Hytera HP702 as well as the Hytera HP782 offer more extensive audio features, enhanced durability and longer battery life. Mixed mode allows for users utilizing both analog as well as digital technologies to communicate instantly with each other. Lastly, Man Down, GPS positioning, and priority interrupt enhance worker safety in all types of environments. 

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   Many of these PD6/PD7 models have been discontinued, however, it is important to note that the intrinsically safe radios have not been removed or replaced. Here are a list of Hytera PD6/7 models, which have not been discontinued:

   The reason why Hytera decided to discontinue a wide range of these radios is because the new H series was designed to create more high-performance options for many industries, which demand faster and more efficient communications.


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