Low IP-Rated Two Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 28th Apr 2023

    Having the proper durability of communications within a work environment is a necessity for most businesses. When handling two way radios, they frequently get dropped, antennas get bent and batteries die. This is why it is so important to purchase a system, which is not only cost-effective, but is also durable enough to withstand the environmental elements.

    So, when researching a new two way radio system, you must first decide the qualities, which your handhelds need to possess. Should they be waterproof? Do you need a more compact design? What kinds of accessories will be needed?

    In the case that you are looking for a simple solution, which can offer basic coverage and durability, a low IP-Rated product might be the way to go. IP Ratings refer to the level of protection a device has against the intrusion of solid objects or liquids.

    A low IP rating for two-way radios is between IP54-IP60. Within this range, two-way radios are typically dust resistant and water resistant. This means that the functionality of the two-way radio will not be harmed by the intrusion of dust particles and that the product is relatively resistant to splashing water.

    A couple of popular two-way radio models within this Low IP-Rated category include the Motorola BPR40 (IP54), as well as the Two Way Direct XTR50 two way radio. These handhelds are basic, yet versatile options for two way radio systems. Despite the lack of display and keypad, the BPR40 offers 8 channels as well as 4 watts of power. The XTR50 is extremely compact and offers 16 channels and up to 2 watts of power.

    Check out the components and assembly of these handhelds:

Motorola BPR40 Radio:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSCf7mT3Ze4

TWD XTR50 two way radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MEt7tIna5k

    These lower IP-Rated products are great options for retail, restaurants, and schools and are able to perform optimally in smaller work spaces.


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