Motorola MOTOTRBO R7 Two Way Radio Accessories

Posted by Two Way Direct on 28th May 2023

    The Motorola MOTOTRBO R7 two way radio series. This new handheld offers a modern, intuitive user experience, with optional features such as a display, enabled Wifi as well as an intrinsically safe option. Possessing a rugged exterior, the Motorola R7 UHF and VHF offer a few different ratings for users:

  • IP68 rating- protected from complete water immersion up to two meters for two hours.
  • IP66 rating- protected from direct impact from highly pressurized water jets.
  • Intrinsically safe- can be used in hazardous environments without the risk of ignition or fire.

    The R7 Series is also the first two way radio to be chemical-resistant, which benefits areas such as the Medical Industry greatly. Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression offers clearer audio transmission and reception in stadiums, airports or in areas where heavy machinery is being used. Feedback suppression Automatically cancels out the feedback of other two way radios nearby. The Intelligent Audio feature monitors background noise and adjusts speaker volume so calls are adjusted ideally.

    Other features, which this analog/digital radio offers includes up to 1000 channels and up to 5 watts of power. A 5 year warranty allows for software and hardware repair service, so that your team can maintain their system along with its premium features.

    For those utilizing this new Motorola MOTOTRBO R7 series radio, accessories are valuable add-ons when creating a hands-free work environment.

Here are a few accessories, which work with this R7 handheld:


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