The Hytera HP702 Two Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 31st Aug 2023



    Elevating industry standard for professional two way radios is the Hytera HP702. With the ability to operate on both analog as well as digital networks (dual mode), this system proves itself as a versatile solution for varied applications. With a new, sleek design, elevated ruggedness along with its emergency features, teams can work among the harshest of environments more safely and efficiently.


    A .91 inch OLED display offers users the ability to ensure that communications are consistent and optimal. Displayed is one of the 1,024 channels available on this handheld, signal strength, level of power, power status, and BT status as well.


    The HP702 possesses an IP68 Rating, which means that this handheld is not only dust-proof, but is also waterproof with the ability to withstand water jets and can be submersed up to 2 meters underwater for 4 hours. Also, this radio can handle a drop from 2 meters high. Lastly, an anti magnetic speaker deters magnetic metal dust and shavings from damaging this handheld.


    With 4 watts of power and audio enhancements such as AI-based noise cancellation, connectivity can not only go the distance, but it can do so in a much clearer manner.


    Designed with a sleek, lightweight body, the HP702 is one of the few smaller handhelds available with its IP-Rating and its other enhancements. With a lighter battery this design offers a radio, which is only 29.5mm thick and weighs less than 11oz.


    Enhanced battery life for this Hytera model is offered through lithium polymer technology, which allows for a shift life of up to 24 hours while handhelds operate on high-transmit power.


    Lone Worker and Man Down are just a couple of the emergency features included in this system. In the case that a worker goes down, these two features enable quick communication and the ability to identify when a potential emergency situation is present. The optional GPS feature reports current location to the team in real time, creating a visual of worker location. An emergency button along with priority interrupt also allow for quick communication so that a quick response is possible.

    Customer service workers as well as teams operating in harsh environments would benefit greatly from this Hytera HP702 system.


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