Why Choose Hytera?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 6th Oct 2023

Hytera is one of the top two-way radio brands available on the market today. Characterized by its cutting-edge technology, durable, lightweight, professional options with added features, and extended range, Hytera is a leading competitor in the communications market.


With IP-Ratings ranging from IP-54 all the way to IP-68, Hytera two-way radios are truly able to cater to any industry and need. One example of these extremely durable handhelds is the HP782 UHF DMR radio.

The HP782 is a state-of-the-art digital two-way radio, which offers an LCD Display and full keypad to support multiple functions such as call/text and GPS positioning in a user-friendly way. A single push of a button enables emergency calling features including Lone Worker and Man Down. Automatic noise suppression allows for clearer audio while digital end-to-end and over-the-air encryption for voice and data is transmitted on digital channels to prevent eavesdropping. With over 24 hours of battery life, extended range, and IP-68 Rating (dust resistant and can withstand up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes).


The ability to scale or upgrade your two-way radio system using Hytera brand handhelds differentiates this brand from many others.

Are you currently utilizing an outdated analog system? If you are working on a budget, the ability to phase out older models is possible. Hytera offers many affordable and high-quality analog/digital options, which allow users to continue to utilize their current system while continuing the upgrading process. Once the old handhelds have been fully replaced, immediately switch to the new digital system. If users are looking to make an immediate switch to a new digital system, however, that can easily be done as well.

Extended battery life, enhanced safety, and efficient power management are just a couple of reasons why Hytera is the most cost-effective option. Offering competitive pricing without compromising quality or performance is a major selling point for Hytera. Streamlining communications in a cost-effective way is the goal for these handhelds.


Hytera is committed to customer satisfaction and post-sales support. Responsive technical support as well as warranty policies and in-stock replacement parts allow them to resolve issues quickly and effectively so that customers can experience more uninterrupted communications.


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