Bo Pritchett


All About Bo:
From Idaho to California, Bo has never missed out on any action sports including wakeboarding, snowboarding, and golfing. Quarantine has not stopped his active side as he spent the better part of the stay-at-home order building a golf course on a hillside! Eager to experience life, he and his fraternal twin couldn't wait to see the world and made an appearance three-months premature. Bo's life goal is to own his own island; who else has this fantasy?

In his free time, you can catch Bo rooting for the LA Dodgers while sipping a cold one, heading to the lagoon to get a stand-up paddle board in, watching his favorite flick, The Blues Brothers, of course, or reminiscing on his favorite travel destination, Australia, because who doesn't like amazing travel spots, great people, and endless nights? 

Radio Talk:
Favorite Analog Radio: Hytera TC-610 | Favorite Digital Radio: Hytera PD602
Favorite Radio System: Middle of nowhere radio system with two repeaters in custom enclosures using Deep Cycle batteries coupled with solar panels for job site communications.
First Radio Memory: Working as a bellman and valet, he carried the radio by the antenna (do not try this at home!). 


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