Business Development

We're looking for highly motivated and energetic individuals for an entry level Business Development Representative position with fast growth opportunities. 

We are a leading wireless communications company headquartered in Carlsbad, California with a second location in Nashville, Tennessee. We sell professional two-way radio, mobility, and IT solutions to business and government entities nationwide. We work with over 20,000 customers nationwide ranging in industries like hotels, casinos, security, golf courses, airports, manufacturing plants, secret service, military, and much more! These products are essential for safety, control and efficiency within their operations. We have the most competitive pricing in the industry and large inventory levels in our warehouse for fast shipping.

You'll start out as a Business Development Rep ($15/hour plus up to $500 monthly bonus). Typically, Business Development Reps are able to hit their $500 bonus goal after their first full month of employment. If you stand out and are a top performer, you will be offered an Account Manager position typically within 30-90 days ($32k-$40k annual base salary plus 10% of your monthly invoiced profits). We'll even give you 500-1,000 existing customers (who have purchased from us before) for you to manage and develop! 

Here's what we are looking for:

  1. Highly Motivated
  2. MUST BE ABLE TO MULTITASK and work on the computer while talking to clients on the phone!
  3. Great on the phone. You must be comfortable answering, placing calls and selling over the phone. 
  4. Excellent verbal communication and writing skills are a must.
  5. Computer experience. You must be very comfortable using the internet, email, and basic computer programs. You should be able to type around 30 wpm.
  6. Flexibility. You must be flexible in learning and working with other departments. Have a good sense of humor and the ability to get along well with others. We have fun, but we work hard.
  7. Self-motivated. You must be an eager, self-starter and motivated problem-solver. If this is not you please do not apply.
  8. Ability to follow instructions
  9. College Degree is a plus.
  10. Technical experience a plus
  11. Comfortable on an auto-dialer making 200+ calls per day to happy customers who take pleasure in hearing from an awesome person like you.

Here's what we offer:

1.) $15/hour + Monthly Bonuses (Top Tier Performance $500, Mid Tier $300, Low Tier $100). 
2.) Fast growth opportunities (promotion to Sales Representative within 30-90 days if you are able to prove you are a top performer within your team). 
3.) Work with an amazing and fun team. 
4.) Work in a new office with window views. 

You might be asking yourself, "How can I get in with such an awesome company and work with such amazing people?"

The answer is simple. If you read #8 in the first section, you'll know we want someone who follows instructions. So, if you are still reading this and just not blindly sending out your resume to every job posting, know that we will not reply to you if you send a resume. We want to hear how good you are on the phone. We want to hear why you want an opportunity to succeed with us. 

So instead, call me directly at 615-853-5340 and leave me a voicemail stating why you are the best candidate for the job. Think about it before you just dial. Be creative. Stand out. If you just leave a standard voicemail with your name and number, you likely won't get a response. If you stand out though, you'll definitely hear back from us right away. Be fun. Be professional. Get our attention. That's what the job is all about so that's what we want to hear. 

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