Motorola SL300 UHF Radio 99-Channels with Display [AAH88QCP9JA2AN]

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Motorola SL300 UHF Radio 99-Channels with Display [AAH88QCP9JA2AN]

The SL300 is the newest Commercial tier MOTOTRBO Portable radio from Motorola Solutions. This radio has a sleek, slim, and attractive design while offering simple and intuitive operation. The SL300 is the first of its kind to offer an Active View Display that is hidden under the protective surface of the radio which means no more scratched, cracked or broken displays. This display automatically turns on when you need it and off when you don’t which preserves battery power. The AAH88QCP9JA2AN comes with 99-channels.

The SL300 is the perfect match for users in education, hospitality, services, and light manufacturing. Teachers who need an easy, reliable, and portable communications tool to serve as a “lifeline” in times of emergency can depend on the SL300 to more than perform. Professionals such as Event Specialists and Property Managers who need a slim, light and easy-to-use communications tool that looks professional and can survive the impact of everyday use can trust the SL300 to get the job done.

It is important to select the correct model SL300 when ordering radios for an existing fleet if you want them to work together. If you have existing radios you can compare the model number on the back of the radio with the models listed below:

Motorola SL300 Radio Models: 

  • UHF No Display: AAH88QCC9JA2AN
  • UHF Active View Display: AAH88QCP9JA2AN

The Motorola SL300 comes standard with all the items listed below:

  • Motorola SL300 Radio
  • Stubby Antenna with Advanced Range Technology
  • Standard 2200 mAh Li-Ion Battery - PMNN4468A
  • Battery Door Cover - PMLN7074
  • Radio Holster - PMLN7190A
  • USB Micro Wall Charger - 25009298001
  • 2 Year Motorola Warranty

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Use this Motorola SL300 Two-Way radio, with other compatible radios and radio accessories with complete confidence. Order online or call 888-742-5893.

Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty


Product Type:
Handheld Radios
Frequency Band:
Digital & Analog (TDMA)
Power Output:
99 Channels
IP Rating:
IP54 (Splashing Water)
Compatible With (Brand):