​2-in-1 Rugged Smartphone and Two-Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 14th Jun 2019

Instant communication is important across all businesses. However, creating appropriate talk groups to stay connected can be a challenge. People are often finding themselves carrying more than one device to talk across multiple groups in various locations.

If you are talking to your crew on a two-way radio and then have to switch to your cell phone for a call with headquarters that is across the state, you could be costing your company more than time and money.

Rugged handheld radios designed to handle outdoor environments can be expensive. In time sensitive situations, installing repeaters and antennas to expand the coverage can cause miscommunication or stall the project.

Two Way Direct Sonim XP8

Smartphone Solutions

Fortunately, smartphones are changing the way people communicate. Our two-in-one rugged smartphones have a dedicated push-to-talk button that can be used just like a two-way radio for instant and constant communication.

Using one device to stay connected reduces the chance of miscommunication and increases productivity in the workplace. The push-to-talk feature allows your company to designate talk groups so everyone is connected at all times.

Pairing your smartphone with earpieces and shoulder microphones helps with discreet communication. Using a device like GPS Lockbox in your vehicle can turn your smartphone into a mobile radio. Use a remote speaker microphone for hands-free compliant communication while you are on the go.

Nationwide Coverage

Relying on cell phone towers greatly increases your coverage.

Most companies using two-way radios install repeaters to expand the coverage. Using a smartphone eliminates the need of expensive repeaters because your coverage area will now be nationwide through your service provider.

Repeaters would need to be place throughout the building with a clear line of site. If you were looking for countywide or statewide coverage, you would likely rent space for a repeater to reach across county lines.

Overall, having two different devices to communicate can be costly and inefficient. Use a 2-in-1 rugged smartphone as a cell phone and two-way radio to limit the number of devices each employee has to carry and increase productivity.

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