​Actual Live: Threat Intelligence with Dynamic Communication

Posted by Two Way Direct on 20th Sep 2019

Actual Live is a Threat Intelligence and Dynamic Communication platform designed to increase communication and prepare security personnel in the event of a disaster.

What is Actual Live?

Actual Live is a threat assessment tool and matrix that helps bring standardization to the live event industry as well as office buildings, high-rise residential buildings, and other public places such as houses of worship and malls.

Actual Live Application

Once the building or event space has gone through the self-assessment, the account owner downloads our Actual Live Application on their smartphone from the app store. The app is connected to the users’ online account, which allows all stakeholders, including First Responders and security, to send and receive notifications, crowd source media, geo-located videos and pictures, and duress alarms.

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How is Actual Live Used?

This crisis management platform gives these users the ability to communicate at all times and allows companies to have focus on different plans of action in the case of an emergency or crisis.

Actual Live is a decision support tool with pre-planned notifications. If there is an incident, users can follow the pre-determined plan rather than create an action plan in the moment.

Who uses Actual Live?

First Responders, Security Personnel, and Supportive Staff can use the Actual Live application. Actual Live has been used in multiple events and concerts to prepare security teams, have prevention strategies, and protect the public from harm.

In a recent case study, Actual Live was used to demonstrate the importance of instant communication and preparation. Actual Live was used at Riptide Concert Festival with approximately 37,000 concertgoers.

During the event, Security used the Actual Live Application to snap a photo of a suspicious person and communicate it to the rest of the Security Team. Within 30 seconds, Security Officers were able to locate the suspicious person with the Geo-location of the photo to interrogate the person. The person had been involved in the theft of 10 cell phones, and was soon after handed over to local law enforcement.

Having an organized way of communication helps Security Teams stay connected to protect the public quickly, safely, and discreetly.

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Preparation, Prevention, and Protection

The success of Actual Live has been highly recognized in the live event industry supporting major concerts and festivals, where it can be utilized as a storage for all communication, data, support, insurance, and other purposes.

Two Way Direct and Actual Live

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