All-In-One Smartphone Body Camera Solution

Posted by Two Way Direct on 25th Jul 2019

Visual Labs: The body camera company that does not make body cameras.™ 

The smartphone body camera solution by Visual Labs is an application that runs on your smartphone, enabling you to have all the functionality of a body worn camera solution without having to purchase a separate body camera device. Using your existing smartphone as your body camera saves your team time, money, and the hassle of carrying multiple devices. 

The All-In-One Solution

  • Record body camera videos without needing to interact with the screen
  • Capture evidentiary photos using a simple and intuitive interface
  • Take audio recordings
  • Bookmark important moments
  • Utilize any Android smartphone without compromising other functionalities including phone calls and email

FirstNet Certified

The Visual Labs Smartphone Body Camera Application is the only FirstNet Certified™ body camera application and is available now. The Application is a heavily vetted and trusted solution for public safety, meeting FirstNet app requirements and passing stringent tests for security, relevancy, data privacy and availability. The certification from FirstNet means it met all of the critical factors that make this application suitable for first responders to use in the field. 

Pairing a Certified Application like Visual Labs with a FirstNet Ready device, like the Kyocera Dura Force PRO 2, only enhances this advanced solution. With FirstNet, your team can get this device as low as $0.99 per phone; call our office for full details. 

Two Way Direct Kyocera DuraForce PRO 2

FirstNet Ready™ Kyocera DuraForce PRO 2

The DuraForce PRO 2 is the ultimate durable Android Smartphone solution for mission-critical jobs. This rugged smartphone allows first responders to receive and transmit clear and critical information, even in the noisiest environments. The advanced echo and noise cancelling system features loud, dual front speakers and four powerful microphones to capture sounds while eliminating background noise. 

Get the application, device, and solution with confidence knowing each component is Certified through FirstNet.

Financial Feature

Combine components of your solutions in a consolidated billing format through FirstNet. The device can be split into payments, and can be billed, along with activation and monthly service, through FirstNet. Visual Labs licensing fee is billed separately.

Two Way Direct Visual Labs Body Camera

Exclusive Offer

Try out Visual Labs for yourself when you sign up with FirstNet through Two Way Direct! Our exclusive offer gives your team the opportunity to add value with this application. Get a FREE trial for 45 days and a 5% rebate on FirstNet service, paid quarterly for the first year. Call us for full details. 

Whether you are interested in using this application with a few members, or your entire team, Visual Labs and Two Way Direct will provide exceptional customer service and support during and after the implementation.

If you need help determining the best solution for your team, call us directly at (888) 742-5893.