Best Two-Way Radios for Equestrian Teams

Posted by Two Way Direct on 8th Jul 2022

 Whether it’s for rider-to-coach communications during practice, lessons or even warm-ups for a competition, wireless communications can take away the unnecessary chaos of any of these situations. Two-way radios allow the rider to receive clear instructions and feedback from his or her trainer wherever they are, without the need to shout. This instant communication is extremely valuable in an environment where the focus should really be on the safety of the rider.

Some features of two-way radio systems, which would make them good options for the Equestrian Industry would be:


2.)Extremely affordable




6.)Multiple Channels

   The ability to have a way to communicate that is well-secured to the body, can withstand a fall or possibly being stepped on by a horse, is small enough to not get in the way during training and which will allow for multiple people to communicate at once is really what is needed to create the ideal system.

   That being said, the best option for this type of handheld system would be the Kenwood PKT-23 two way radio.

   This lightweight, compact handheld is both easy to carry and easy to operate. It possesses a number of features, which makes this an ideal radio for riders and instructors. With a built-in audio jack, you can connect an earpiece to the radio in order to use in high noise environments.

   Also, with 5 miles of coverage and 15 hours of battery life, this handheld is sure to provide the audio clarity and coverage needed. It offers 4 channels for the groups of people who need to communicate, while trainer and rider reside on their own private channel.

   With regards to durability, the PKT-23 is IP54 dust and water resistant and was built to (Military Standard) MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G Standards. It also comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

With this radio, riders and trainers and everyone involved in the process are able to optimize communications with one another.


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