Best Value Two Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 16th May 2022

Best Value Two Way Radio

   Looking for the best “bang-for-buck” two way radio? Do you need a solution, which can reach the distance without requiring you to spend an arm and a leg on a system?

   The XTR300 is your go-to radio. This handheld is not only a full powered TDMA digital radio, but it also works in analog as well as in digital mode. This is a valuable feature when you are wanting to slowly transition from your current analog system into a digital one. Continue to communicate in analog and once you have replaced all of your handhelds you can then quickly and easily switch over to your upgraded digital system.

   The XTR300 possesses compatible accessories such as earpieces, shoulder mics, multi-unit chargers and more! It can also work with repeaters when needing to extend coverage even further. With 5 watts of power and 32 channels, your team is sure to have optimal communications for your operations.

   When you purchase from Two Way Direct, you will receive additional savings on your order of multiple XTR300 water-resistant two-way radios:

  • Buy 10-20 and get $5.00 off
  • Buy 21-30 and get $10.00 off
  • Buy 31-40 and get $15.00 off
  • Buy 41 or more and get $20.00 off


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