Bluetooth vs. Wired Earpieces

Posted by Two Way Direct on 10th Oct 2022

   When enhancing your two-way radios, accessories are typically the first to be added onto your current system. Simple additions such as earpieces allow for a hands-free system and more instantaneous connectivity.

   However, when looking into these products, you will find the many options available. For example, while some teams prefer  Bluetooth earpieces, others stick with the wired options.

So what’s the difference?

   Benefits of Bluetooth include the fact that it is a wireless system, which connects directly to the source through a radio signal. No need to worry about cords getting in the way while you communicate with your team.

   While the Bluetooth earpiece may create a system that looks very professional, however, there are a few things to be aware of before purchasing this type of accessory.

   Along with a higher cost, Bluetooth earpieces must be charged and have limited battery life. Unlike the wired earpiece option, Bluetooth earpieces are able to lose charge without you even realizing it. It is common for users to lose communication unknowingly due to a dead battery. Another issue is interference. Because these Bluetooth earpieces operate over a wireless radio signal, interference is common with others utilizing the same network.

   With a wired earpiece, on the other hand, interference is avoided due to the direct connection into the radio. Also, no need to charge your accessory as it utilizes power from the radio itself, never losing battery life until the handheld does.


   So, while both Bluetooth and wired earpiece options help to enable a more efficient two-way radio system, it is always beneficial to understand the product before you make a purchase.


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