Casino Communication Systems

Posted by Two Way Direct on 10th Feb 2022

   In sophisticated gaming environments, such as casinos, a top-notch communications system is imperative for maintaining operations. With the right system, not only would teams have the ability to communicate quickly with each other, but they would also be able to better serve their customers and exceed their expectations for high-quality service. With all of a casino’s working parts, only the best communications system will allow for consistent connectivity between its teams.

Some examples of departments, which would require a PTT solution:

  • Security and surveillance
  • Bar and restaurant staff
  • Maintenance operations
  • Housekeeping
  • Management
  • Car services (valet)
  • Customer service
  • Entertainment Staff

And more!

   The most highly-recommended solution for this multi-use application would be the Motorola Wave System.

With a push to talk service, which has no boundaries, the Wave System allows for growth of your communications without the need to expand infrastructure. The Motorola WAVE OnCloud Dispatch web app, TLK100, TLK 150, and WAVE PTT app allow for all devices to communicate while on the go. So when Management and Valet need to communicate, for example, it is executed with the simple click-of-a-button; or if there happens to be a guest emergency, the hotel/casino can communicate with First Responders in an instant.

   The TLK100 handheld radio, is a subscription-based component, which operates nationwide. This radio also possesses GPS tracking abilities, which enables quick response time in the case of an emergency. It also offers Over-the-air device management, wifi connectivity and real-time presence updates.

   Also a part of this system is the Wave PTT Mobile app, which enhances communications with smart devices. With this app, smart phones are able to contact others on the team across all devices. This connectivity is extremely valuable when management, security and First Responders need to connect in response to a situation.

   Last but not least is the TLK150 Wave Mobile Radio. With one click of the PTT button, departments such as transportation/shuttle services or security can safely connect with the casino team while on the move. With nationwide coverage, you can enhance your communications without needing to take on the cost of expanding infrastructure.

   These three components of the Motorola Wave System are valuable in the effort to optimize response time, keep track of teams and simply stay organized and connected.

   Connect your casino’s multi-level system while enhancing customer experience, with the Motorola Wave System.


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