​Common Two-Way Radio Issues And How To Fix Them

Posted by Two Way Direct on 28th Sep 2022

   When it comes to two-way radios, caring for them is vital in maintaining and extending the life of your system. Purchasing the proper accessories such as radio covers, belt clips, earpieces, speaker mics and more help to create a more hands-free environment in order to avoid drops and broken antennas.

   Sometimes, however, even these accessories don't seem to help avoid certain common issues with two-way radios. While these are often due to user-error, it is good to know how to avoid these and fix them for the future.

1.)Radio won’t turn on

   When your handhelds won’t power up, there’s always the fear of a ‘broken radio.’ However, many times this isn’t actually the case. When charging your handhelds, you must always make sure that the radio is secured into the charger and that it is powered off while charging. Not only does this enable the devices to fully charge, but it also sets your system up for longer battery life.

2.) Earpiece won’t work

   This is a common issue and a simple fix. With two-way radio accessories, they must be plugged into the accessory jack on the side of your handheld. Be aware though that you should hear not just one click, but two when attaching to the radio. Sometimes that means a more firm push to insert the earpiece properly.

Also, you must do so while the two-way radio is powered off so that it can recognize the accessory upon startup.

3.) Handhelds aren’t getting coverage

   While this could mean a bent or broken antenna, typically when two-way radios won’t communicate with one another it is because they are either on separate channels or don’t possess the same frequencies. This is why it is important when adding on to a system that you make sure your new handhelds are programmed to the same frequencies as your current system. If they are properly programmed, simply check to be sure that you are operating on the same channel.

   If this is still an issue, you may need a repeater to boost coverage for your team. It’s a simple add-on, which can provide so much value to your communications.

   These are some very common issues, which two-way radio users face often, all of which are easy fixes.

If you are experiencing further problems with your handhelds or need replacement accessories such as batteries or earpieces, feel free to reach out to us at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.