Communications for Hospitals

Posted by Two Way Direct on 4th Feb 2022

   Hospital communication involves a complex system of relationships between people, departments, devices and hospital systems, all of which require optimal connectivity for those life or death moments, which often occur.

   It is not unusual for hospitals to experience an overwhelming surge of data, gaps in communication, or inefficient communications at times. This can be resolved, however, with the right two way radio system in place, which will allow hospital operations to become seamless.

   Due to the need to communicate on and off-site, with different hospital locations and in emergency situations, these facilities will need a solution, which offers interoperability and long-range coverage. In this case the recommended option would be the Motorola Wave System.

   With this Motorola option, combine WAVE OnCloud's nationwide network with the ease of mobile radio communications. The  MotorolaTLK150 Wave Mobile Radio as well as the Motorola TLK100 handheld radio are ideal for expanding and maintaining communications without the need to expand infrastructure. Also, there is no FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required, which makes this an extremely affordable and reliable option. So implementing this into a hospital setting would not only be extremely cost-effective, but also easily maintained and expanded.

   Motorola Wave System also enables  handheld and smart devices to communicate as well as mobile (LMR) when applying an interoperability device such as Vocality to communicate. This makes it possible to create connectivity between departments and hospital sites, police, fire, EMS and more. Quick connectivity is vital in situations such as a public emergency or when backup is needed, and with the TLK100’s GPS tracking abilities response time is greatly optimized.

   Break down these communication-barriers within your hospital system by hopping on board with the Motorola Wave System.


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