Communications Systems for Hotels

Posted by Two Way Direct on 31st Jan 2022

When guests consistently expect a flawless experience, hotels cannot afford a breakdown in their communications systems. Regardless of hotel size or status, whether a customer is requesting housekeeping services or security for a special event, connectivity is extremely important.

With all of the options out there, it may be difficult to figure out what you may need for your location in order to optimize your communications.

Let’s walk through 3 different scenarios, each of which require different solutions:

Small to average-sized hotel or motel, offering basic services

   In the case of a smaller hotel situation, a pretty basic system would be required to maintain communications. One popular two way radio model for this application would be the  Motorola SL300. With 2-3 watts of power, this radio will definitely be able to provide full coverage for this location and its structure.

   Another two way radio system feature, which would benefit this team would be a multi-unit charger. Having this on hand not only allows for consolidation of radios but it also assures that all of them are charged and ready to go each day.

   For housekeeping services, both the 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece as well as the g-hook earpiece would allow for more hands-free communications while cleaning and shifting around the hotel. The 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece possesses a replaceable clear tube and memory foam eartip in order to aid in maintaining sanitation among this equipment.

   The g-hook earpiece is also easily cleaned and extremely affordable, so replacements won’t break the bank.

Larger hotels, not offering shuttle or off-campus services

   For hotels with larger campuses and more high-end facilities, a system with more elements may be required. A larger hotel comes with more employees, more customers and more maintenance work in general.

   Rather than relying on a 2-watt radio, in this circumstance it would be wise to switch to a reliable 4-watt option. The CP200D, 4 watt radio allows for coverage throughout this typical sized hotel and reaches a wider range of floors than a 2 watt such as the Motorola SL300 would.

   That being said, if these 4 watt options are not enough, adding a repeater would definitely help to boost this coverage and provide the solutions needed.

   With a larger team comes the need to charge more radios. A multi-unit radio charger would be ideal in this situation in order to assure that groups of the team’s handhelds are consistently and properly charged. Rather than chasing down single-unit chargers, this option offers a more simple and efficient solution.

   Maintenance is another area to address. Whether it’s room service, housekeeping, security etc., hands-free communication is not only helpful but very important. Accessories, which work as great options for this include the 2-wire surveillance earpiece as well as the d-shell earpiece. Switch out these 2-wire surveillance earpieces among employees with a simple replacement clear tube and ear-tip earpiece and wipe down the d-shell for future use. These options are extremely affordable and great money-savers for your hands-free system.

Large resort-style hotels

Lastly, let’s talk about resort-style hotels. These locations possess much larger campuses and may have more than one structure on the property. While standard two way radios such as the Motorola CP200D radio and repeaters may be a good option in some instances, the most affordable and reliable option would be the Motorola Wave System.

The Motorola TLK100 two way radio as well as the Motorola TLK150 Wave Mobile Radio are solutions, which allow for connectivity between mobile, handheld and smart devices, while increasing coverage without the need to expand infrastructure. So, no need to purchase more repeaters to boost coverage. Also, continue using your current radios and smartphone devices concurrently with this wave system.

In the case of an emergency on property, easy access and connectivity with security and police, fire & EMS allows for optimal response time and an even safer vacation space.

Whether there are 2 hotels on the property or 9, the Motorola Wave system allows for this coverage through connecting via wifi or cellular network and provides this connectivity nationwide.

Utilize communications to elevate your guest experience by seamlessly connecting your employees. The time is NOW to create a situation where your hotel staff can communicate effortlessly both on and offsite. Enable all departments to instantly communicate from anywhere in order to meet your guests expectations and be the place that people want to come back to.

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