Communications Systems for Public Transportation

Posted by Two Way Direct on 28th Jan 2022


 Communication and coordination is crucial while working to run public transportation services efficiently and safely. These transportation hubs are busy environments with people and materials constantly moving, so finding the right system will ensure consistent and optimal communication performance.

Some features to look for in a public transportation communications system would be

1.) Instant 2-way voice communication

2.) Long-range performance abilities

3.) Compatibility with existing communications systems

4.) Affordable and reliable solution


   Combine WAVE OnCloud's nationwide network with the ease of mobile radio communications with the Motorola Wave System. The  MotorolaTLK150 Wave Mobile Radio as well as the Motorola TLK100 handheld radio are ideal for expanding and maintaining communications without the need to expand infrastructure. Also, there is no FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required, which makes this an extremely affordable and reliable option.

   Another benefit of the Motorola Wave System is that it enables current mobilehandheld and smart devices to communicate, so that connectivity can exist between entities such as dispatch, drivers, police, fire, EMS and more. Because of this interoperability, the Wave System also provides for a greater level of safety within Public Transportation. Quick connectivity is vital in situations such as a public emergency or when technical issues arise, and with the TLK100’s GPS tracking abilities response time is greatly optimized.

Communicate across town or even across-country, with the Motorola Wave System.

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