Communications Systems for Towing Companies

Posted by Two Way Direct on 24th Jan 2022

Communication is vital for those who are responsible for the towing, hauling and removal of vehicles in any situation. Whether it is in response to an accident, breakdown or illegal parking, towing companies deal with many risks while on the job. With the ability for dispatch and others to instantly communicate with their drivers, information such as rerouting, inclement weather alerts and emergencies are available at the press of a button, allowing for a safer and more efficient workflow.

So, which two-way radio system would work best for this type of environment?

The  Motorola Wave System is an ideal form of communication for the towing industry. With its ability to offer connectivity between mobile, handheld and smartphone devices, your team can stay connected while on-the-go.

Here is one example in which this system provides value:

Inclement weather has resulted in a car-accident, and vehicle removal is quickly needed.

In this instance, a driver is considering more potential weather threats, while attempting to quickly and safely remove a vehicle. Not only are these drivers responsible for aiding in the cleanup, but also doing so in order to allow traffic to flow through in a timely manner.

The Motorola TLK150 Wave Mobile Radio as well as the Motorola TLK100 handheld radio are ideal communications in this situation, as they work together alongside other smartphone devices to receive updates and send out alerts when needed. So, not only are drivers able to instantly connect with dispatch, they are also able to alert police, fire and/or EMS if needed. Live updates on the situation is vital in the case of weather-emergencies, injuries or the need for backup.

GPS Tracking on Two-Way Radios

Also worth noting is the TLK100’s GPS feature, which provides location tracking nationwide, so prompt assistance can be provided when required.

Regardless of distance, these radios are able to connect without the need to expand infrastructure. There is no costly or time-consuming FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required, which makes this Motorola Wave System an extremely affordable and reliable option.

Provide greater protection for your drivers in any and every situation.

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