Communications Systems For Trucking Companies

Posted by Two Way Direct on 21st Jan 2022

    While you may not think it initially, but Trucking companies are much more integrated technologically than most realize. With new advancements in communications, truck drivers are now better able to remain connected with the rest of the fleet.

   Not only do better communications streamline the distribution process, but they also boost trucker accountability as well, aiding companies in attracting more reliable drivers.

One system, which has proven to provide smooth integration for the Trucking Industry is the Motorola Wave system.

   The Motorola TLK100 two way radio as well as the Motorola TLK150 Wave Mobile Radio are solutions, which allow for connectivity between mobile, handheld and smart devices, while increasing coverage without the need to expand infrastructure.

   Its ability to connect nationwide allows a fleet to stay in-touch regardless of distance. Also, there’s no costly or time-consuming FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required.

   With over-the-air device management, you can manage your fleet in seconds with over-the-air updates. The TLK100’s GPS feature provides consistent location tracking nationwide, so you can keep an inventory of your fleet and its status.

   The Motorola TLK150 WAVE mobile radio and the Motorola TLK100 two-way radio allow you to connect via wifi or cellular network nationwide, which means that this system can be a lifesaver when traveling through areas with spotty coverage or in a situation where your truck drivers may need to communicate with local police, fire or EMS. With this connectivity, you are better able to keep up-to-speed with what is happening in real-time with your drivers on the road.

   Streamline your supply chain process and stay in touch while on-the-go.


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