Coverage Test Using Two Way Radios and A Repeater

Posted by Two Way Direct on 22nd Nov 2019

The key to a functioning two-way radio communication system is testing the system in all areas with and without a repeater. We have multiple customers that need their locations tested for zones and dead spots.

In the video above, join us as we visit a local customer to test out two-way radio equipment in the rural area. This property features over 5,000 acres that need constant communication and monitoring for safety.

The Coverage Test

The first time we did a coverage test, we visited the property to understand the customer’s unique needs. We only brought radios that we believed could cover the area. Once we tested, we found a few dead spots within the trails of the property and determined they would need a repeater to get the extended coverage they were looking for.

On the following visit, we brought three powerful mid-tier two-way radios,  Hytera PD 602, and one repeater package complete with a duplexer and an antenna to extend the signal.

The Results of Using A Repeater 

With the repeater package, we were able to get coverage in all areas of the property. 

The company chose to move forward with the mid-tier radios, added mobile units to their company vehicles and a repeater package to extend the signal.

Dedicated Support

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