Everything You Need To Know About The Hytera BD502i Two-Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 12th Jan 2021

What Is Included In The Hytera BD502i Two-Way Radio Box?

Watch as we unbox the Hytera BD502i two-way radio. This radio comes equipped with the radio faceplate, standard battery, antenna, belt clip, wrist strap, charger, and power cord.

Radio Charging Station Color Indicator

The charger that is included with the Hytera BD502 has a color indicator light that lets you know the status as you charge the radio.

A green light means the radio is at least 90% charged. An orange light means the radio has medium power. A red light means the battery has low power and should be charged soon. If the red light is flashing, then the battery power is under the low battery threshold and needs to be recharged. It could also mean the battery needs to be replaced if it constantly reaches a flashing red light.

How To Get A Strong Hytera Battery Life

Before you place your radio on the charging bay, make sure to turn your radio. Turning it off when you charge it will give your battery a longer and stronger lifecycle. Batteries should be replaced every 12 - 18 months depending on the usage.

To keep your battery in top shape, we also recommend limiting the number of charges to one long-standing charge once the battery depletes the energy. Charging the radio once a day is overall better for the health of the batter than if you were to charge the battery multiple times a day.

Everything You Need To Know About The Hytera BD502i Two-Way Radio

This 4-watt radio has 48 channels. It is capable of being programmed in digital and analog, making it a perfect transitional radio. The Hytera BD502i has an IP rating of 54, which means it is ok with some splashing water.

The Hytera BD502i radio comes equipped with a long whip antenna that helps transmit and receive frequencies. If the antenna is bent, your frequencies can be disrupted. It is best to never carry the radio by the antenna. If the antenna does get damaged, we have replacements available.

Free Programming

The Hytera BD502i has 48 programmable channels. The channel knob is located at the top of the radio. When you purchase your radios from Two Way Direct, you get free programming.

We suggest creating a channel for each department, or a group within your company. We also recommend programming a scan feature to allow security teams or managers the ability to hear all traffic with the push of a button.

Best Practices For Talking On Radios

As your team uses radios, we recommend implementing some key rules. When you push the push-to-talk button on the side of the radio, allow a few seconds to pass before speaking. This gives the radio time to key up and activates the repeater if one is in use.

If someone is currently talking, you cannot use the push-to-talk button, or else the whole channel will let out a screech and no voices will transmit. So, it is best to wait to speak until the channel is free.

Finally, once you are done speaking and are waiting for a reply, say "over" and let go of the PTT button. If the conversation is finished, you would say, "over and out" and let go of the PTT button. This helps teams understand when it is ok to talk and ensure the best practices for communicating on two-way radios.

Hytera BD502i Radio Available Now

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