Helping Our Heroes Stay In Touch

30th Mar 2020

Helping Our Heroes Stay In Touch

In these crazy and uncertain times, all of us at Two Way Direct would like to give our most sincere thanks to all of those working tirelessly to keep the world running. We are very grateful for the supply chain workers, grocery store employees, first responders, doctors, nurses, and the myriad of others that are tirelessly helping us through.

While you are out there doing what you do best, we will be here doing what we do best as well. We will endeavor to continue to bring you high-quality communications equipment at the lowest prices possible so you can stay in touch. Now more than ever, communicating is key. Whether you’re relaying life-saving information to a doctor or simply greeting your neighbor from across the yard, it’s imperative to stay connected and work together to get through these times. If you’re looking for the best two-way radios, repeaters, or other communications systems available, shop at Two Way Direct. We will continue to ship out products as long as shipping services are running!

Some of the ways you can stay engaged with coworkers and colleagues during this period of social distancing include:

  • Two-way radios
  • Two-way repeaters
  • FirstNet
  • Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Two-Way Radios

The classic still stands strong! Two-way radios are still a staple of communication in facilities across the globe, and with their sturdy build and reliable nature, they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. As you’re navigating the waters of uncertainty in the wake of COVID-19, a simple two-way radio network may be the best and easiest way for your teams to stay connected. If you are still able to work in your buildings, you don’t need too much to bolster your network so your employees can continue to talk to each other as they work. Maybe you simply need to add a few extra devices so those in the stockroom can talk to those on the floor, you can find what you need with Two Way Direct. Even if you simply need a few extra batteries to keep everyone charged during the long and hectic days, we’ve got you covered.

Two-Way Repeaters

If you’re operating over greater distances than before, you may be able to incorporate two-way repeaters into your network so that you can stay in touch. If you are trying to use your two-way radios over a large property or store, it can sometimes be tough to get clear transmissions. By adding a two-way repeater to your network, you can extend the range of all of your devices! We even carry two-way repeaters that can be implemented into vehicles so all of those carrying supplies to the places that need it can get in touch with others on the road or individuals that they need to contact.


The First Responders Network Authority, otherwise known as FirstNet, is a special network that was created to specifically aid first responders and emergency personnel. As critical situations rise, it’s very important for those on the scene to be able to talk to each other efficiently. At Two Way Direct, we offer a wide variety of rugged devices that are FirstNet ready so that you and your teams can connect with critical personnel. When safety is on the line, being able to relay information effectively and without interference is the most important thing.

Enhanced Push-To-Talk

If you need to easily talk to members of your team, but the distance is too great for traditional two-way repeaters and radio networks, you may be interested in Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) options. With EPTT, you will be able to utilize existing personal smart devices and cell phones to connect to radio networks and transmit messages across any distance.

Explore the communications devices and accessories that will help you stay in touch in this time of need at Two Way Direct. Once again, we thank all of those who are continuing to work to keep our lives as normal as possible throughout the extended periods of social distancing and stay at home orders. If there is anything that you need, don’t hesitate to contact our teams. We are here to help you, and will strive to do our best so that you can keep doing your best.