How Can I Tell If My Battery is Old?

Posted by Two Way Direct on 3rd Nov 2022

   When purchasing two-way radios, it is always a good idea to have extra batteries on-hand in order to ensure consistent power and communication.

   The question is, however, how long should you wait until you replace the old batteries with the new ones?

Understanding the signs of an aging battery will help you to decipher when this time has come.

Signs of aging two-way radio batteries

  • Battery is not holding a charge
  • Battery takes longer to charge than normal
  • Two way radio communication is spotty or range is smaller than it was before
  • When charging, the LED light turns yellow or red
  • It has been 18-24 months since manufactured
  • Checking the manufacturing date on your battery can tell you how old your product is.

   Use this image of a Motorola battery as an example. The first two digits “13” represent the year 2013. The last two digits “25” represent the 25th week of that year. So, this particular battery was manufactured in 2013 on week 25.

   Typically, even if you are not experiencing complications with your handhelds or battery charge, you should still be sure to have a replacement battery on-hand if the accessory is 2 years or older.

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