How To Disinfect Two-Way Radios and Radio Accessories

Posted by Two Way Direct on 31st Mar 2020

Easily disinfect and clean your two-way radios and radio accessories. Do this at the end of each shift at work to keep your radios clean and ready to use. 

Use a disinfectant wipe to disinfect your two-way radio and two-way radio accessories. Make sure the wipe is not dripping wet or soaked in solution when you wipe your radio. It is best to squeeze the wipe so all excess liquid is removed from the wipe. The disinfectant wipe will only be slightly damp when wiping down the radios.

Ensure all openings are closed so no liquid can get in the radio. Avoid wiping down any openings and ports of the radio.

Repeat this for all radio accessories. Make sure to avoid any openings like speakers. Dry any excess liquid with a dry paper towel. 

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