How To Preserve Your Two Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 10th May 2022

How To Preserve Your Two Way Radios

   Caring for your two way radios not only extends their life but also allows for better functionality and leaves room in your budget for other needs. When distributing your two way radios among employees, it is important to educate them on proper usage as well as how to take care of their handhelds. Let’s go through a few tips, which will allow your radios to remain in prime condition:


   When storing your handhelds, it is important to keep them in a cool, dry place (preferably at room temperature). Avoid leaving these products out in extreme heat, cold or wet places, even if they are designed for rugged environments. Overexposure to sunlight can also damage the radio overtime if stored in such conditions long-term.


   There are many two way radio issues, which arise from misuse. From dropping radios to bending or breaking parts, these are common occurrences. In order to avoid the cost of repairs or needing to purchase new product frequently, it is important to understand proper handling of your radios.

1.)Do not grab the two-way radio by the antenna. This not only harms the radio part, but it directly affects how your two way radios communicate. Antennas allow your handhelds to reach the distance, and transmission quality is a very important aspect to preserve.
2.)Utilize accessories when possible. For settings such as warehouses, construction sites and other rugged environments, radio protective carry cases as well as earpieces and shoulder mics would be necessary to make communications more hands-free. This way you reduce the need to remove your radio from your belt while operating. For security teams, belt clips and 2-wire surveillance earpieces would be ideal to maintain a hands-free environment.


   Understanding how to properly charge your two way radios is vital to extending the life of your handhelds. For larger teams, it is highly recommended to take advantage of multi-unit chargers. These allow for multiple radios to charge on one unit, in one place and with one plug as opposed to 6-12 different single unit chargers, all requiring their own individual plugs. Ensuring that all of your handhelds are powered down at the same time, charging and ready for the next shift simultaneously just makes operations flow that much more seamlessly.


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