How To Program Motorola Two-Way Radios on A PC Computer

Posted by Two Way Direct on 12th Oct 2020

The most popular Motorola two-way radio is the CP200 analog two-way radio, and most recently, the digital counterpart, CP200d two-way radio. However, most radios can be programmed to customized frequencies. In most cases, you can program different radio brands to communicate to each other, as long as they are all on the same frequencies.  

What Do I Need To Program Two-Way Radios?

Typically, two-way radios are programmed on PC. Most programming software is only designed to run on a PC, and not on a Mac. To program your radios, you will need the radios to program, radio programming software for your computer, and a programming cable with a USB and proper connection for your two-way radio.

Programing software is available in a CD format. It can also be available as a downloadable link online. 

Basic Motorola CP200 Two-Way Radio Programming

Watch the video below to learn about basic radio programming. In this video, we will program the Motorola CP200 analog radio.

Advanced Motorola CP200 Two-Way Radio Programming

For more advanced programming of the CP200 programming software, watch the video below. Learn how to customize your radio and program the Motorola CP200 analog radio like a pro.

Program Motorola CP200 Two-Way Radios to Work With Vertex Standard VX231 Two-Way Radios

Vertex Standard two-way radios can easily connect and communicate to Motorola radios. To program your Vertex radios to talk to your Motorola radios, watch the video below.

Do All Motorola Two-Way Radios Require Programming Software?

In some cases, you can simply clone your two way radios instead of using programming software on a computer. For example, in the below video we demonstrate how to use the multi-unit charger and radio to clone the frequencies of the Motorola RM Series Radios without programming software. 

Which Motorola Two-Way Radios Can Be Programmed?

All Motorola two-way radios can be programmed. Here is a list of the most popular Motorola radios that can be programmed, including CP Series Radios, XPR Series Radios, CLS Series Radios, RM Series Radios, and more!

Best Way To Program Motorola Two Way Radios

If you need additional help programming your Motorola two-way radios, give us a call at (888) 742-5893, and our experts will be able to walk you through the program or provide you a quote so we can program them for you.