​How To Properly Upgrade from Analog to Digital

Posted by Two Way Direct on 20th Jun 2022

   Are you experiencing issues such as spotty coverage or faded audio clarity? When communications systems for businesses begin to lack, so does the quality of work, which is being done. If this is the case for you currently, then now is the time to start looking into upgrading your system. But how do you go about doing this on a budget and without spending an arm and a leg?

    Two Way Direct has several options for you. From trade-in deals to bulk pricing, we are able to provide a cost-effective solution for your team.

But before diving into a whole new system, let’s first look at a quick step-by-step process to follow in upgrading your two way radio system.

1.)Identify what type of system you are currently using.

   Is it analog? Are you on VHF or UHF frequencies? These are all important to understand before beginning the phase-out/in process.

2.) Identify the issue(s) with your current handhelds

   Note which features you are needing in your upgraded system as well as how far they need to be able to reach each other.

3.)What is your budget?

   Figure out how many two-way radios, in total, your team possesses. Then, note how many of these handhelds are having issues or are completely non-functioning. If you are working on a budget, keep in mind that you have the option to trade in these unusable products for a discount on newer radios when ready.

This is the time where you should start researching a digital system, which would be compatible with your current analog radios. To make it easier, you are always welcome to get in touch with a Two Way Direct sales rep who will be able to assist in providing these answers as well as pricing on what that system may cost.

4.)Figure out a timeline

   Is this transition an immediate need or would you prefer to phase these newer radios in gradually? You can save money on bulk pricing if you order all at once, or you can save via Two Way Direct’s trade-in program and purchase a few radios at a time until you have completely phased out the old models. If you transition to a newer radio, which supports both digital/analog technology, you can continue to work on your analog system until you have phased out all of the old analog ones.

5.)Switch to digital

   Once you have phased out the old radios completely and your team is working on all new handhelds, you can immediately switch over to your new digital system.


For more information on which upgraded two way radios would be the best option for your business, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or check us out online at TwoWayDirect.com