Hytera HP602 vs. HP682 Two-Way Radio Models

Posted by Two Way Direct on 21st Sep 2022

   The Hytera HP6 series two-way radios were built with business-critical users in mind. Lightweight, compact and durable, these small handhelds also possess advanced features such as extended coverage, GPS, worker-safety features such as Lone Worker and Man Down, priority interrupt, bluetooth options and so much more.

   The HP602 and the HP682 are the two models within this H6 series. Though very similar in durability with an IP67 rating, there are some differences, which set them apart.

Both the HP602 as well as the HP682 two-way radios offer features such as:

  • 20-hour Lithium Polymer battery
  • GPS positioning
  • Mixed Mode scanning
  • IP 67 durability rating
  • Analog and Digital Emergency calling
  • Dual mode usage (analog or digital)
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Supports XPT digital trunking

And more!

   When looking at these two models side-by-side, however, you will notice an immediate difference. The HP602 offers a one-line OLED display, while the HP682 offers a 1.8 inch TFD-LCD display and full keypad. Holding these radios in your hand, you will also notice that the HP682 is slightly larger and barely outweighs (by ounces) the HP602 model. Lastly, HP682 also supports DTMF telephone calls while the HP602 does not.

   Despite these differences, the HP602 and the HP682 are very similar models with a lot of the same features. These handhelds are easy-to-use and ideal for those requiring more coverage as well as for those working in customer service or severe environments.


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