Hytera PD6 Series Replacement Two Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 15th Mar 2023

    The Hytera HP6 Series is the replacement for the Hytera PD6 models.This HP6 series radios are compact, professional DMR handhelds, which elevate industry standard for two way radios.

    The Hytera HP682 as well as the Hytera HP602 models comprise the HP6 Series. These models are specifically designed for business users and offer clearer audio, extended coverage and extreme durability.

    Along with up to 5 watts and 1025 channels, the Hytera HP602 offers an intuitive interface with a one-line OLED display, GPS, 20 hours of battery life and a ruggedness to support those working in customer service or extreme environments.

    The Hytera HP682 features a 1.8” TFD-LED Display and full keypad, which supports features such as GPS, 20 hours of battery life and more. Similar to the HP602, this model offers up to 5 watts of power along with UHF as well as VHF options.

    Bringing greater efficiency and organization to your two way radio communications, the Hytera HP6 Series is sure to provide your team with a versatile solution, which covers all of your needs.


   For more information on the HP6 Series models, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or request a quote online!