Hytera PD7 Series Replacement Two Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 8th Mar 2023

    The Hytera HP7 Series is the replacement for the Hytera PD7 models.

    These radios were designed for users within Public Safety, Transportation, Manufacturing and other industries requiring rugged digital radio options with a more advanced solution.

    The HP7 Series is comprised of the Hytera HP702 as well as the Hytera HP782 models. With louder and clearer audio, extended range, enhanced durability as well as a longer-lasting battery, these models are equipped for use within various types of environments.


    The HP782 features a 2.4" TFD-LCD display and full keypad, which supports a wide variety of functions, a 24-hour Lithium Polymer battery, GPS, and industry-leading audio performance.

    Intrinsically safe (UL913 Version), this radio also possesses features such as Bluetooth, One-Touch Call and Text, GPS Positioning, Mixed Mode Scanning, Lone Worker and Man Down, Priority interrupt, Digital Trunking and more!


    The HP702 features a one-line OLED display and delivers exceptional value with abundant features, GPS, a 24-hour Lithium Polymer battery, and industry-leading audio performance. Unlike the HP782 model, the HP702 does not offer a full keypad, but is IP68 rated to allow this product to hold up in harsh environments.

    This 4 watt, 1024 channel handheld is also intrinsically safe (UL913 Version), offers similar features as the HP782 such as Lone Worker and Man Down, Bluetooth, One-Touch Call and Text, Digital Trunking and so much more!

    Bringing greater efficiency and organization to your two way radio communications, the Hytera HP7 Series is sure to provide your team with a versatile solution, which covers all of your needs.


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