Kenwood PKT-23 Two-Way Radio Accessories

Posted by Two Way Direct on 15th Jul 2022

   A powerful Kenwood radio that fits in the palm of your hand, the PKT-23 is one of the newest two way radios of its brand. This handheld offers an easy-to-use, lightweight, durable and long-lasting solution at an affordable price. With 4 channels, 5 miles of coverage and 15 hours of battery life, you are sure to achieve your ideal communications with this model. Another aspect of the PKT-23 is noise cancellation abilities. When the proper accessories are incorporated into your system, they can offer maximum noise cancellation for high noise environments.

   Some of these accessories include the remote speaker mic, which also utilizes a listen-only earpiece to create a more hands-free environment for your team. Another option for this type of system would be the 2-wire earpiece. This effective addition allows for more discretion and simplicity in your system. Simply string the wire under your shirt and wrap it around your ear. Click the small push-to-talk button on the earpiece to communicate when needed. It’s as easy as that!

   When it comes to maintaining your handhelds and preserving your battery life, multi-unit chargers are a definite necessity. These not only allow you to keep track of your team’s radios, but it also ensures that they are all charged at the same time and that they will be ready for the next shift, all while utilizing one outlet with a single plug. Dismiss those single unit chargers, which take up wall space and contribute to the organizational chaos and instead utilize a multi-unit system that keeps everything together and on the same page.

   The PKT-23 can flex an IP54 rating, which means that it is dust and water resistant, but it has also been built to military standards 810 C/D/E/F/G . This is definitely a tough little two-way radio!


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