Motorola BPR40 8 Channel Model Discontinued

Posted by Two Way Direct on 23rd Dec 2021

Motorola has recently decided to discontinue its BPR40 8 channel two-way radio model. The radio model was an affordable, high-performance UHF/VHF 4-watt, 8-channel radio with an IP54 rating allowing for some waterproof protection.

We have put together a list below of comparable radio models for the industries that use this radio, such as retail, hospitality, and manufacturing, that will help your business remain connected and functional.

Replacement Two-Way Radio Models

Motorola BPR40D 16 Channel - This model features a similar 4-watt output to the BPR40 8 channel model but offers the flexibility of having 16 channels. The extra 8 channels allow for additional groups of employees or management to communicate amongst themselves on their own channels.

The BPR40D is a digital radio that has the option to program in analog as well. This means your current fleet of analog radios can still communicate with the new radios until you transition your radios to digital.

Motorola CP100D - The CP100D is a 4-watt digital radio with 16 channels that can operate in both digital and analog. Transitioning your fleet over to this model will allow you to continue operating under the same technology while giving you the added channels for extended communication amongst your team.

With a battery life average of 10.7 hours, this is an ideal two-way radio for maintaining communications amongst your team during long shifts.

Motorola CP200D - This model features 4-watt output, 16 channels, and the flexibility of operating in Digital and Analog (TDMA).

As your business grows, this is a reliable and affordable alternative to the BPR40 8 channel model. With the ability to operate in both digital and analog, and the extra 8 channels, it is an ideal solution while transitioning your fleet.


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