Motorola Radio Earpieces

Posted by Two Way Direct on 4th Oct 2019

Choosing the right Motorola Radio Earpiece can be tricky. Here are our top tips to choosing the one that will work best for you.

What Motorola Radio Connector Do I Have?

Before you choose an earpiece, first you want to find out what type of radio connector you have.

If you have your two-way radio handy, look on the front or side of the radio for a model number. You can also remove the battery from your radio and look for a little white sticker on the back for that model number and it might tell you.

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How Many Motorola Radio Earpiece Connections Are There?

There are 9 main Motorola Radio Earpiece connector options:

  • M1 (2-prong): CLS Series, CP200, CP200d, and PR400’s
  • M2 (single pin): Visar series radios
  • M3 (multi pin): GP Series, HT1000, JT, MT, MTS, and XTS Series
  • M4 (multi pin): HT750, HT1250, HT1550, and MTX radios
  • M5 (multi pin): EX500, EX560XLS, and EX600 radios
  • M6 (single pin): Lower tier TalkAbout radios
  • M7 (multi pin): XPR6000 and XPR7000 series, along with APX series radios
  • M8 (single pin): TLK100, SL300, SL7550, and other SL series models
  • M9 (multi pin): XPR3300 and XPR3500 series radios

What Type of Motorola Radio Earpiece Do I Need?

Once you’ve identified your connector, next you’ll want to pick out your type of  earpiece for your Motorola Radio.

Our most popular  Motorola two-way radio earpiece options are:

See your earpiece options for your Motorola two-way radios and other accessories at an affordable price. Use the filter on the left navigation to help you narrow down your results based on your radio model.

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