Motorola TLK100 Earpieces

Posted by Two Way Direct on 31st Mar 2022

   Combining the broad coverage of a national cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications is the  Motorola TLK100 Handheld two way radio. The Motorola WAVE System component is a rugged two way radio, which provides the communications benefits of a cellular device. This product offers nationwide push-to-talk, which means that you are able to instantly communicate with team members across the country with simply the push of a button.

   Due to the rugged nature of these handhelds, it is expected that they experience some wear and tear over time, as most radios do. In order to avoid this, however, you can choose to utilize accessories such as earpieces, which allow you to keep the radio on your belt while you communicate.

Here are 3 different earpiece options:

1.)TLK100 2 Wire Surveillance Kit Earpiece

   This is a more discrete product, which typically works well for security settings as well as for others who simply want more concealed equipment. The 2-wire features a streamlined design and durable, rugged cables that withstand tough working conditions. Its translucent tube enables easy sharing of this Motorola Radio Surveillance kit between shifts. Interchange this earpiece among employees with a replaceable clear coil and memory foam ear-tip.

2.)TLK100 G-Hook Earpiece

   This is a very rugged option, which can be easily cleaned off and maintained. The g-hook features an in-line push-to-talk (PTT) button with loud and clear audio. It is also extremely durable and comfortable to wear on either ear. Simply wipe it off and switch among employees.

3.)TLK100D-Shell Earpiece

   This is an option, which is used in settings where the earpiece needs to have a solid attachment to the ear. It also possesses an In-Line PTT Microphone, which provides loud and clear audio. This d-shell earpiece is an ideal accessory for environments where maximum durability is needed.

All three of these earpieces possess the M8 connector, which is the part that plugs into the audio port of the TLK100 handheld.

Lastly, here are just a few tips when utilizing these accessories with your two way radios:

1.)Plug the earpiece in before powering on the radio
2.)Make sure that the wire is facing up when plugging in the accessory
3.)Push hard enough to feel/hear a click when attaching the earpiece to the radio
4.)Power down your radio before detaching the accessory simply to get in the habit of only connecting/disconnecting while the radio is powered down.

Allow your team to work seamlessly with hands-free communications.


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