​Motorola VL50 Two-Way Radio Discontinued

Posted by Two Way Direct on 14th Dec 2021

​Motorola VL50 Two-Way Radio Discontinued

Motorola has recently decided to discontinue its VL50 two-way radio. The radio model was a durable UHF 1-watt, 8 channel radio with a notable battery life of up to 12 hours.

We have put together a list below of comparable radio models for the industries that use this radio, such as retail and hospitality, that will help your business remain connected and functional.

Replacement Two-Way Radio Models

Motorola CLS1110 - This model features a similar 1-watt output to the VL50 but lacks the number of channels as it has 1 channel for your staff to communicate over. It is ideal for small retail stores, restaurants, and schools where one channel is only needed for your communication.

Motorola CLS1410 - This model has a 1-watt output similar to the VL50 as well but offers the flexibility of 4 channel communication. It is a comparable radio for similar industries as well, having the option of 4 channels allows for certain members of your staff to communicate discreetly if needed.

Two Way Direct XTR50 - If you are looking for additional channels, our XTR50 two-way radio model is an ideal replacement for the VL50. It features 16 channels and 2 watts. It has already been adopted as an alternative by numerous industries such as retail, hospitality, and small warehouses.

Having the extra watt power over the VL50 gives you a little more coverage if needed. The XTR50 provides the ability to use the 16 channels to communicate discreetly with different members of your staff.


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