Music Venue Communications

Posted by Two Way Direct on 16th Feb 2022

Large crowds and loud performances. These are two things that all music venues, big or small, have in common. This is why venue managers have a responsibility to find an advanced communication solution, which can accommodate this type of environment, while allowing consistent, quick and clear coverage. The safety of the performer as well as the crowd are top priorities in the implementation of this type of two way radio system.

Let's run through a few different venue types and their recommended solutions.

Smaller Events/Performances (Indoor/outdoor)

  For smaller venues such as bars/restaurants featuring talent, or even more low-key outdoor performances, the  Motorola CP200D would be a popular option. This radio provides 4 watts of power, which probably even more coverage than you would need and at the most reasonable price-point. With this system, you will surely achieve optimal communications and create a seamless concert experience.


   Coverage in a high-capacity stadium or arena can seem daunting when researching a communication system. The need for instant and secure communication between staff and management is vital for the flow of the production and for the protection of those within the venue as well. The ability to request assistance via a high-quality radio can potentially be the difference between an incident being resolved or escalated.

   For this application, again, the  Motorola CP200D would be a great option. When utilizing the UHF version of this radio, frequencies are able to penetrate barriers such as walls and anything in-between. So, when communicating on different floors, this extra boost will allow for more efficient transmission and reception.

   If simply the handheld radios do not provide enough coverage, add on a  repeater to boost your signal even more.

Music Festivals

   Sprawling across several square miles, music festivals typically welcome hundreds to thousands of fans. This large, typically chaotic outdoor environment requires a solution, which will offer the coverage, clarity and the quick-connect needed in the case of an emergency or response to an incident.

   In this situation, the most highly-recommended system would be the Motorola Wave Solution. The Wave System is designed for these more complex communication scenarios, where there is a need to go the distance, connecting with several different devices, all while staying focused and combating noise among a large group of people.

   The Motorola WAVE OnCloud Dispatch web app, TLK100, TLK150, and WAVE PTT app allow for all devices to communicate while on the go. So when Management and staff need to communicate, for example, it is executed with the simple click-of-a-button; or if there happens to be an emergency, management can also instantly connect with security, first-responders and others on their team as well.

   The TLK100 handheld radio, is a subscription-based component, which operates nationwide. This radio also possesses GPS tracking abilities, which enables quick response time to any type of incident. The TLK100 offers over-the-air device management, wifi connectivity and real-time presence updates.

   Also a part of this system is the Wave PTT Mobile app, which enhances communications with smart devices. With this app, smart phones are able to contact others on the team across all devices. This connectivity is extremely valuable when management, security and first-responders need to connect in response to a situation.

   Last but not least is the TLK150 Wave Mobile Radio. With one click of the PTT button, departments such as transportation/shuttle services or security can safely connect with the production team and/or the festival staff while on the move. With nationwide coverage, you can enhance your communications without needing to take on the cost of expanding infrastructure.

   These three components of the Motorola Wave System are valuable in the effort to optimize response time, keep track of teams and simply stay organized and connected. 


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