Part 3: Popular High IP-Rated Two-Way Radios

Posted by Two Way Direct on 20th Sep 2022

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This is Part 3 of our 3 part series on IP-Ratings. Just as a refresher or for those who haven’t viewed Part 1 or Part 2, an IP Rating technically represents the level of protection provided by a device against the intrusion of solid objects and liquids. It is the level of durability, which your two-way radios possess.

A low IP-rating is considered between IP54-IP60 and an average IP-Rating is between IP61-IP66.

A high IP-rating is anything IP67 and above. Check out the graph below to see which qualities these radios typically possess:

A couple of our most popular two-way radios with high IP-ratings include the Hytera  HP602 and HP682 (IP67), the HP702 and HP782 (IP68) as well as the Hytera PD982i (IP68).

With qualities including a particle-tight and waterproof structure, these extremely rugged two-way radios are best utilized in harsh environments where elements such as dust and water are present. Radios with an IP Rating 67 and above are waterproof and will have caps for audio ports that help prevent water from entering the radio.

Industries, which would benefit from this category of handhelds include construction, first responders, oil rigs and many more!


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