Property Management Communications

Posted by Two Way Direct on 27th Jul 2022

  One very important responsibility of any property manager is communication with their tenants. With the right communication system, a higher level of trust can be reached between managers, property owners and their tenants. Apartment buildings, condos and executive buildings are just a few examples of spaces requiring this type of property oversight.

   Two-way radios for facility management are extremely important in creating an effective maintenance system, where issues can be communicated instantaneously. They also allow for installations and other service-calls to be properly coordinated. Providing coverage across multiple sites and throughout many buildings, two way radios offer coverage between different locations and among multiple floors.

Some features of an ideal two-way radio for this type of environment would be:

  1. lightweight
  2. durable
  3. Offers optimal coverage

A few different radio options, which possess all of these qualities includes:

Kenwood NX-1300

    This Kenwood radio has all of the qualities of an ideal two way radio system. This is the first TDMA and FDMA capable radio released by Kenwood Radio. This means that you can get this NX-1300 to match the frequencies of another radio fleet that are different brands. So, if you are currently working on a system and need to add some radios, this 5 watt, IP54 and IP55 rated radio, which is built to military standards would be an ideal option.

Motorola SL300

    Another great option would be the Motorola SL300. This handheld is very cost-effective and lightweight. With advanced range technology, the SL300 is able to reach the distance you need to communicate among or between buildings. This model is an easy-to-use communications tool that looks professional and can survive the impact of everyday use, which is why it is an ideal option for property managers.

Motorola CP200D

   The Motorola CP200D is a 16 channel, full analog and digital two way radio and a popular model for those transitioning from an analog to a digital system. With 4 watts of power and an IP54 rating, this radio can not only reach multiple stories as well as in between buildings it is also water resistant and durable enough to withstand a drop.

   While each location is different in size and layout, if extended coverage is needed, repeaters can be used to give that extra boost. With two way radio communications on-site, property managers are able to connect with their team as well as the tenants to ensure that upkeep and service appointments are coordinated and executed in a timely manner.


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