Radios vs. Cell Phones in Manufacturing and Construction - Why Radios are better

Posted by Two Way Direct on 7th Nov 2022

   When discussing communications for your business, two options may come to mind; cell phones and two way radios. Both forms of communicating offer long-range options as well as quick connectivity.

   So, which one is best?

   For construction and manufacturing industries, something durable, with instant communication is ideal. Two way radios would be preferable over cell phones and these are the reasons why:

1.Instant communication

   With two way radios, message send and receive occurs instantaneously with the simple click of a button. No need to type in a phone number and wait for the receiver to pick up or respond. Utilize separate channels for different groups of people and connect with either one person or a whole group at once.

2. Independent from cellular networks

   Many two way radio options operate independently from cellular networks. While there are push-to-talk over cellular options for instant nationwide coverage, most models operate on their own without the worry of losing connection. Repeaters are available for systems where coverage needs to be boosted in order to communicate longer distances.

3. Durability

   While cell phone covers protect these devices, they are still limited in their durability. Two way radios are specifically designed to Military standards with IP ratings to ensure different levels of resistance to events such as water immersion and drops.

4. Battery Life

   Cell phone batteries and two way radio batteries vary greatly in their operation life. Cell batteries last, on-average, for about 10 hours, however, two-way radios can last from 14-22 hours when charged fully. It is important to preserve the life of your battery by powering down your radio and waiting for the fully-charged notification (see video for more information on how to preserve your two way radio batteries: )


   For more information on why two-way radios are a better option than cell phones for business operations, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or request a quote and we will get back with you.