Recommended Radio Care

Posted by Two Way Direct on 10th Jan 2020

Many radio users want to maximize the lifespan of a radio. Below are our recommended care and maintenance tips for two-way radios that will help keep handhelds in good condition for a long time.

Proper Handling of Radios

  • Hold the radio by the body of the radio
  • Refrain From holding the radio by its antenna

It is important to avoid bending the antenna. There is a small coil underneath the rubber that, if manipulated, will diminish the quality of transmissions.

Avoid Dropping Your Radio

Although it seems obvious, try your best to not drop the radio.

Dropping the radio can easily cause internal damage. The result of dropping your radio can be having to change the “pot” that lies underneath the volume knob or cracking the chips inside the radio that allows it to run transmit and receive frequencies, both of which can be expensive to fix and may not be covered by warranty.

If the radios are dropped often, some of our customers consider using a case that attaches to the belt loop. This, coupled with an earpiece, eliminates the need to manipulate the radio and reduces the chance of it falling. Others use a protective case around the radio. 

Radio Battery Care

  • Turn off the radio while it charges on the bay
  • Do not over-charge your radio

Having the radio on while it chargers will destroy the battery. Therefore, it is best to turn off the radio before placing it on the charger bay.

If possible, try to limit the amount of hours the battery is on the charger to avoid over-charging the battery. Over-charging the battery can diminish the battery’s charge capacity, thus making the battery lose the charge faster.

If possible, when the radio is turned off, remove the batteries.

Cleaning A Two-Way Radio

There are small vents on most radios, including the accessory jacks. Try to keep dirt, dust, and water out of these entryways.

When cleaning your radio don’t use any cleaning sprays or liquids. A simple wipe down will suffice.

When not using the radio try to store it in a place that is dry and kept at room temperature, please keep it away from direct sunlight. 

Recommended Radio Care

Take care of your technology. If you have any questions regarding radio care and maintenance, or questions regarding warranty on your radio, give us a call.

Make sure to ask about our cases, belt holsters, and earpieces for your radios to maximize durability, help prevent wear-and-tear, and protect the longevity of your investment.

For more information regarding your radio care and maintenance, call our experts at (888) 742-5893 today.