Repairs Process at Two Way Direct

Posted by Two Way Direct on 2nd Nov 2022

   Welcome to Two Way Direct. We are your number one two way radio dealer in the US. We not only offer all major brand products, but we do so at the lowest prices guaranteed.

Today we will be talking about the repairs process here at Two Way Direct.

Follow this step-by-step to get your radios to us and serviced quickly:

1.) Go to and click “Support

2.) Click this Repair Form and complete and print or save as a PDF.

  • The more comments you have on your repair form, the more information you will be giving to our technicians, which will expedite the repairs process for you.
  • Always be sure to include the model number and serial number if it is a two-way radio product, but serial numbers will not be available for two-way radio accessories as they don’t have one. To find the model and/or serial number on your handheld, simply take off the battery and there will be a model number (add battery photo) on there to reference. Take note that sometimes the serial number is abbreviated as S/N.

3.) Fax the completed form(s) to 877-694-6603 or attached below to the Support Request Form.

  • Once this form is completed, you can either print and fax to our team or you can save to your computer and attach to the Support Request Form at the bottom of the Support page (pan over to that page to reference in video)

4.) Complete the Support Request Form at the bottom of the support page and for the Case Issue, select "Repair.”

5.) Send in your product

  • It is very important to note that you should not send in any equipment to our team before speaking with a support representative as you will need an RMA number to do so. If you do send your equipment in without obtaining an RMA number, it may get lost as we will not be able to track the repair or your product.

   Within 1-2 business days of submitting the Support Request Form, a support representative will reach out in order to give detailed instructions of how to properly send in your product for repair. This information will include:

1.) Two Way Direct Address

2.) RMA Number *In the “Ship To Attn.” Field*

-Include this in the shipment and even write on the outside of the box

   Once we receive your product with the RMA number, we will be able to track it and we will look at all of the notes regarding the repair. Once we repair your product, we will get it back to you right away.


   Standard repairs are $115, however, if your product repair will be more than this, a representative will reach out to you to let you know before we complete this process.

   If you decide to cancel your repair request due to higher cost, Two Way Direct will send your product back to you at no additional cost outside of the customer paying for return shipping. If you deny the request, our trade-in program is available for approved products, which will save you some money if purchasing new two-way radio products.


   If you still have questions regarding the repairs process, feel free to give us a call at 888-742-5893 and a sales rep will be available to assist you.