Save Money With New Hytera Bundles

Posted by Two Way Direct on 1st Jul 2022

Welcome, from Two Way Direct, where we offer the lowest prices guaranteed for all of our brand-name products. We are excited to introduce some new repeater bundles, which will save you money on a new system and is sure to give you the coverage needed.

The first bundle is the Hytera Repeater package. This includes 1 HR1062 Digital Repeater, Power Supply, 50 feet of Coax Cable, Duplexer, and fiberglass Antenna. 6 XTR300U two way radios are also included to work with your repeater to ensure compatibility along with extended coverage. Make your communications hands free with 6 shoulder microphones to attach to these radios.These accessories are great options for hands-on industries such as security, retail or hospitality. A six bank charger will also assist in consolidating handhelds and keeping them charged. Lastly, with this Hytera bundle comes FCC licensing, programming and tuning as well as a warranty on your new product.

So, if you’re trying to relieve your team from that spotty coverage, need a higher level of security and want to improve voice clarity, try out this easily-installed repeater system to allow for new and improved two-way communications.


For more information on this new Hytera Repeater Bundle with radios and accessories included, give us a call at 888-742-5893 or check us out online at