​The Basics of Communicating With A Two-Way Radio

Posted by Two Way Direct on 10th Jan 2022

   Are you in the market for a two-way radio system, or have you recently purchased radios for your team’s communications? If so, before you get started it is important to understand how these devices work, as well as to learn how you can optimize your system. Proper usage of your communications will assure that your system functions optimally and that you get the longest life possible out of your product.

Follow these 6 steps when operating your two-way radios:

1.)Power on your radio

    If using your handheld radio without any accessories such as an earpiece or speaker microphone, turn the knob on the top right to power it on. If you are using your radio with an accessory, make sure that you plug the product into the radio before powering up. This is a very common human error, which could result in a non-working accessory if done improperly.

2.)Find Your Channel

    Use the channel knob to turn to the same channel as those who will be communicating with each other. It is important to be operating on the same frequencies as the others, with whom you intend to transmit to and receive from.

3.)Push-To-Talk (ptt)

    After the two-way radio is powered on and you have turned to the proper channel, send out a test message. To do so, locate the push-to-talk (ptt) button on the side of your radio. Hold it down and wait a moment. While continuing to press this button, send your message, whether it is “Test 1-2-3,” or something else just to be sure that your radios are working properly and on the same frequencies. Once you have completed this step, let go of the button so that you can now receive messages from the other radios on your channel.

4.)Proper Use Of Accessories

    As previously stated, a very common human error happens while utilizing accessories with two-way radios. If your accessory is not plugged into the handheld beforeyou power on, it could hinder the functionality of your communications. Always be sure to plug in the accessory first, pressing firmly and listen for the “click” to be sure that it is all the way in. Then, power up your two-way radio and test it out by using the push-to-talk button on your accessory.

5.)Power Down 

   Before detaching any accessory from your radio, be sure that you power down. If you are not utilizing an accessory, still power down before placing your handheld on the charger.

6.)Charge Up

   After detaching any accessory from the handheld and powering down, be sure that your charger is plugged into an outlet. Firmly place the powered down radio onto the charger so that you can extend the life of your system for the next time you need to use it.

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