The Benefits Of Remote Speaker Microphones For Your Radio System

Posted by Two Way Direct on 20th Jul 2022

   When you purchase a two way radio system, you are ensuring that you will have the ability to cover long-distances with your team. However, what really takes your radios to the next level are the accessories, which allow for safer, more instantaneous, hands-free communications and operations. One of these notable products is the  remote speaker microphone.

   These speaker mics are a popular tool used in various industries. With the ability to instantly transmit and receive messages with the simple click-of-a-button, this accessory quickly becomes a vital part of your two way radio system. Simply connect it to the handheld via accessory jack, clip it to your shirt near the shoulder while your radio is attached to your hip and you now have a hands-free system. When ready to transmit a message, use one hand to click the push-to-talk button and release when completed. It’s as easy as that!

   Speaker microphones play a big role in environments where workers require constant connectivity while performing hands-on tasks. This would include industries such as construction, warehouses and manufacturing, hotels, restaurants and many more. With a hands-free system, workers no longer need to worry about dropping radios or having to carry a handheld around while working.

   Make your operations that much more efficient by adding remote speaker microphones to your communications.


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