The Importance of Two-Way Radio Communication in Schools

Posted by Two Way Direct on 18th Aug 2021

The Importance of Two-Way Radio Communication in Schools

This month is National Back To School Month. We understand that communication is key in educational settings, so in honor of that we have put together a list of all the two-way radio communication devices and accessories needed to keep you, your faculty, and students safe.

There are many devices that can keep you and your students safe and connected in case of an emergency. Ranging from two-way radios, push-to-talk over cellular, and PA systems. It is critical to have one if not all of the systems in place.

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are a great way to keep your faculty connected, with ease of portability and reliability.

Two Way Direct XTR50-This powerful 2-Watt two-way radio increases communication and reliability in many industries. The size and durability make it ideal for educational settings.

Two Way Direct XTR300-The XTR300 handheld two-way radio series brings the compatibility to work with various handheld devices and the rugged dependability to handle any crisis with an IP56 rating.

Kenwood PKT-23K- The PKT 23 may be small, but it's not hard to hear. Enhanced Kenwood Audio provides sound quality that is clear and easy to hear. A built-in 3.5 jack connects a KHS-33 or KHS-34 headphone with an in-line PTT headset so you can use it privately or in high noise environments.

Kenwood NX-1300 - This is Kenwood’s newest two-way radio. This is the first TDMA and FDMA capable radio released by Kenwood Radio. This means that you can get this Kenwood radio to match the frequencies of another radio fleet that are different brands.

Motorola CP100D - Get the newest Motorola CP100d series two-way radio. This radio combines simplicity and efficiency for the user. Easy-to-use and operate, the CP100d offers analog voice communications and MOTOTRBO digital. This two-way radio is ideal for education settings, with its compact sturdy design, and long battery life.

Mobile Two-Way Radios

Mobile two-way radios offer the flexibility needed for schools. Whether it is used in busses or in offices inside the schools, you can easily communicate with other mobile two-way radios and handheld two-way radios.

Hytera MD612i- The new MD612i Digital Mobile Radio is the right choice for schools, school busses, truck and taxi fleets, agribusiness, and ambulance services. With a high RF power output of up to 50 Watts, the MD612i is a cost-effective digital radio that can dramatically increase your communication range.

LMR to LTE Push-to-Talk

LMR to LTE interoperability enables you to connect your two-way radio equipment to devices that communicate over LTE cell towers, such as mobile phones. This has incalculable benefits for the public and private sectors alike. Employing LMR-LTE interoperability within your school can greatly increase the communication between devices and serve as a fail-safe during emergency situations.

Land Mobile Radio Interoperability Kit- Suitable for use in a wide range of markets including emergency services, energy production, military applications, and more. The Vocality RoIP provides users with a simple to use, small form factor radio connectivity solution, unlike any in our market today. Use this interoperability kit with supported devices.

Motorola TLK100- Combine the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications. Manage talkgroups and subscriptions in real-time. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure.

Sonim XP8- Serving, protecting, and providing for others demands a smart device you can rely on. Sonim XP8 is the world's most reliable ultra-rugged smartphone. Built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment.

Sonim XP5s- Meet the next generation ultra-rugged device built for mission-critical communication. Industrial strength. Military tested. The XP5s meets the toughest performance standards to deliver clear, crisp communication wherever work takes you. With built-for-work features that ensure the job gets done right.

PA Systems

The PA system is an important component for any buildings, schools, and office spaces. Its main purpose is for public announcement, and the most important is for emergency evacuation system. Having a PA system in your school can greatly increase safety during an emergency or crisis situation.

Ritron LM-600- The LoudMouth wireless PA system is an analog device operating on both UHF and VHF frequency bands. It's an ideal solution anywhere a hard-wired PA is either too expensive or is simply impossible to install. Ideal for broadcasting emergency messages or any other important messages.

Ritron LM-700DMR- The LoudMouth wireless PA system is similar to the Ritron LM-600, but operates in Digital & Analog (TDMA). Ideal for broadcasting emergency messages or any other important messages.


Stay connected and discrete with our most popular earpiece options, 2-wire surveillance kit, d-shell, and g-hook. For bus drivers and other users that want a hands-free option, our remote speaker microphones are a great choice.

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